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Here is a guide to assist you with your travel planning.




Immediately                           Purchase optional travel insurance; to protect your investment from cancellation, trip                                                                     interruption, baggage delays/loss, medical, evacuation. We recommend it!


Immediately                           Plan for child, pet care


Immediately                           Check passport for expiration (if traveling outside the U.S. six months remaining validity is                                                             necessary.)


At your leisure                      Plan partial payments; ask about our Payment Plan


120 days prior                         Create Honeymoon/Gift Registry (see Helpful Tips)


120 days prior                      Book Park-n-Fly Hotel stay (call for special rates)


60 days prior                         Review and consider pre-booking optional sightseeing (some tour, spa or restaurant options                                                        may be limited and require reservation prior to this date)


45-60 Days prior                  Final payment; refer to your vacation invoice for due date


30 days prior                        Almost time to Go! Reiterate any special requests or needs; bedding, room location, dietary,                                                         physical limitations

30 Days prior                        Start the “get skinny and tan in 30 days” regimen J


14 Days prior                        Receive and review travel documents; leave a photo copy of passport and travel itinerary with                                                       neighbor, family or friend.


14 Days prior                        Review Traveler Resources at, including packing tips and checklist


7 Days prior                          Review departure procedures with your travel specialist

3 Days prior                              Reconfirm your flight schedule and seat assignments directly with your carrier.


Upon return                         Complete our Traveler Survey at


                  MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! 

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