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How may I obtain a passport?

Full information may be found HERE.

Will my children be safe on a cruise?

Kids get to experience a certain amount of independence. Newer ships offer bracelets with GPS chips so parents can locate their children at any time.

What about the kids club?

Generally, kids club activities are divided between children ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. Scheduled activities and entertainment typically include sandcastle building, water activities, beach bonfire, movies under the stars, local arts and crafts, games, and cooking classes. Imagine baking cookies with Cookie Monster! (everyone's favorite!) Look at the daily resort schedule and let the kids participate in choosing the kids club activities they wish to participate in. Every family and every child is different; the resort schedule for the day is always a big help in deciding if junior will join the kids club for half a day or for a couple of isolated activities. 

Can I make payments toward my trip?

Typically your vacation requires an initial deposit at the time of booking, and final payment between 45-60 days prior to departure. If your family plans nine months out, that typically gives them at least six months to pay. This can also be set up just like a store layaway program so that payments may be made in monthly installments. Make a Payment

Should I book it myself or with a Travel Advisor?

Professional Travel Agents not only offer great advice; The value they bring is based on their experience, their contacts, and the time they are investing into your family's comfort and happiness. They act as your family's representative, ready to serve your best interest. If you happen to encounter an unforeseen problem, you simply make one call to the travel agent who will get the situation sorted while you enjoy your vacation. Most travel agents will meet or beat any price you may have found online. Travel Agents have access to everything you do, and much more.

How can I satisfy everyone in my family?

Get the family involved in the planning right from the start, whether that's suggesting a destination or voting on those Mom and Dad picked. While in destination, let each family member choose an activity for a day.

When is the best time to travel?

When kids are out of school - holidays, spring break, and summer vacation, rates go up. Availability also becomes an issue during these times, so book early for the best rates and best options. Check the average temperature and rainfall during your preferred vacation time. Before taking your kids out of school to travel, be sure to understand the rules of your school and district. 

Do I need to bring my portable crib?

Most hotels and resorts will provide a crib or a cot at no additional cost. Another alternative is to turn the couch around to face the wall, providing your toddler with a more secure sleeping area.

What can I do about preventing sunburn? (breakthrough!)

Parents need to apply sunscreen to their children every two hours. You may also consider UVO; UVO is a breakthrough in sun protection; you just drink it. UVO is not readily available over the counter yet, so look online.


May I bring an infant carrier?

Parents must carry infants through the security checkpoint. Infant carriers must be put through an x-ray screening.


Can babies fly for free?

The short answer is ... YES. Children and infants under 24 months typically don't have to pay a fare, but often are responsible for taxes. A child traveling "free" is usually considered a lap child and is not given a seat. In addition, there may not be an oxygen mask for the additional person in the row. Note: It is required for all passengers, regardless of age or fare, to travel internationally with a valid  passport (usually six months remaining validity required.) It is highly recommended to bring a birth certificate or passport to prove age at check-in, for domestic travel.

Can I travel if I am pregnant?

Most airlines don't allow expecting Mothers beyond 36 weeks. All expecting mothers should plan to get a note from their doctor within 48 hours of travel. Without a permission letter, you may be denied boarding. Generally, pregnant mothers are not allowed to sail past 24 weeks of pregnancy. Be certain your hotel has a bellman, so you're not lugging your baggage around.

What type of ID Requirements are necessary for my children?

Children under 16 years of age are not required to have ID to travel within the United States. All children, regardless of age, must hold a valid passport to travel internationally.

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